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“Hi my name is Vicky Hines - founder of Exclusive Outdoor Living. We are passionate about helping you transform your outdoor area into a social hub. Create warmth and ambience in an inviting outdoor area and you and your family will LOVE spending quality time together".

Our modern lives are not only busier than ever outside of the home, but also within the home.  There are so many distractions to contend with – TV, social media, computer games, household chores etc. Spending time “together” is now extremely rare and we wonder why communications and relationships break down more than ever.

We can help you create an outdoor area which will transform the way you spend your time at home. Warm up around the fire pit and roast marshmallows, add in a patio heater for extra warmth, a beautiful dining set for meals and perhaps a water feature and even a hammock for ultimate relaxation! Who would want to spend time indoors ?!

We have a wide range of styles and brands to choose from to suit any budget and we offer FREE shipping on orders over $45 and a huge 90 Day Returns policy.If you join the VIP Club you'll receive EXCLUSIVE discounts every month on a variety of products.

We are dedicated to delivering high levels of customer service all year round 24/7 365 days a year!

We regularly publish to our blog where you will find a whole host of information from caring for your outdoor products through to socially focused articles such as the importance of family time etc.

You can also find us on social media where we are regularly making announcements and posting useful content. We make it fun and love to bring you educational, inspiring and entertaining content!