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  • Whether you’re entertaining friends and family beneath the stars, or simply unwinding in solitude, the Rapid Induction Area Heater is guaranteed to set the mood. Cool evenings are no threat to your outdoor fun, since the patented design emits fifty percent more heat with less propane! The best part is, the charcoal steel finish seamlessly compliments any outdoor living space. Relax outdoors next to a blazing flame in comfort, season, after season with the Rapid Induction Area Heater.
  • The Rapid Induction Heater provides the perfect combination of warmth and beauty to your outdoor living space. Our patented heating system increases the airflow by over fifty percent, with a combustion chamber that is twice the size of traditional patio heater’s today. The top-to-bottom full flame not only provides a beautiful effect, but when combined with the dual infrared radiating screens outputs over 100 degrees of heat at a 50” radius. Enjoy warmth and conversation for hours with the charming Rapid Induction Heater.